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Consider the Retina Display for Mac

Tim Ricchuiti has written an informative analysis of how Apple might bring the Retina Display to Macs.
Interest in the topic has stemmed from Apple’s inclusion of a 3200×2000 pixel wallpaper image in Mac OS X Lion. After examining the various options, Ricchuiti published the chart below detailing what he estimates could be the Retina Display resolutions for different Mac devices.
The biggest question I would have is whether or not they’d put something into place for users who genuinely do want much smaller UI elements and much more screen real estate. That is, if Apple were to double their UI, and then use the 2x1080p resolution for the 27-inch iMac, there’s a sense in which current 27-inch iMac users would feel like they were actually losing screen real estate from their current 2560×1440 displays.
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