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Could the iPad 2 Mystery Port be for Light Peak?

Early cases for the iPad 2 have shown a space for a new port that could possibly be a Light Peak connector, according to MacRumors.

Previous reports suggested that the port could be for a Mini DisplayPort, or Mini USB.

MacRumors suggests the port could actually be for Light Peak.

Light Peak prototypes have been using hybrid USB 3 connector connectors that might easily be confused for USB. The exact connector for Light Peak hasn’t been described, but it may be close enough to USB to be a case of mistaken identity in the early iPad 2 rumors. The opening for the port may be a bit small for a full-sized USB connector, though it seems feasible that the Light Peak could also adopt a mini USB style form factor as well.

Interestingly, CNET reports that Apple is expected to make an announcement about a new high speed connection technology

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