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CreaVures v1.5.5 for Mac

CreaVuresCreaVures For Mac:

*** iOS Launch Celebration Special – $0.99! ***
Celebrating release on the iPhone and iPad, Game now on sale for $0.99. Get the game in the App Store and take it with you wherever you go!

Take control of five cute, mystical creatures of miniature proportions called CreaVures. CreaVures always travel in pairs, and they must use their special abilities to help each other solve interesting platforming puzzles. Set in a world with beautiful phosphorescent colors, these tiny creatures journey to save their homeland and restore light to their dying forest.

Develop Brighton Indie Showcase Finalist
Game Connection Selected Project
IMGA Best Casual Game nominee

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Few puzzle/platformers manage to achieve the balance which is clearly displayed by CreaVures. A few simple elements come into play and combine to create a deep, enjoyable experience.”

“The game kept me glued, and I am planning on 100-ing this (that is rare for me).”
-Marooners Rock

“I’m just very very in to this.”
-PC Gamer podcast

“Damn beautiful…the game looks really good, with a dreamy, color-tinged forest at night, and the CreaVures themselves have interesting concepts and smooth animation.”
-AV Club

“Few platform puzzlers have ever been as unfairly pretty as CreaVures.”

“Creavures is relaxing and mellow which is a nice contrast from gritty high octane games that saturate the gaming market.”

“It takes a special kind of game to seamlessly balance a beautiful art style with compelling gameplay.”

“Creavures is a gorgeous title, chock-full of creative character designs, glowing graphics, and moody, ambient tunes.”

“It’s worth every penny.”
-Beantown Gamer

What’s New in Version 1.5.5

– Tutorials are easier to see and understand
– Bugs that would impede game progress have been resolved
– Improve usability and flexibility of start menu

CreaVures cracked

CreaVures cracked for Mac

Download CreaVures cracked for Mac

Version 1.5.5 : FileFactory | Syfiles |


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