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CrimsonHeart v1.2 Hack – [Unlimited Stats]

CrimsonHeart hack requested by EnkryptedSpirit (Mike). A great MORPG on app store. Crimson Heart hack is available for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. In order to use CrimsonHeart v1.2 hack you must have your idevice jailbroken ready. To do so, follow our step by step tutorials from here. In CrimsonHeart v1.2 Hack you will get:

  1. Unlimited HP
  2. Unlimited SP
  3. Unlimited STR
  4. Unlimited DEX
  5. Unlimited INT
  6. Unlimited VIT
  7. Unlimited POW
  8. Unlimited DEF
  9. Unlimited CRI
  10. Unlimited HIT
  11. Fast level up

You can check out my video below to know about Crimson Heart v1.2 Hack:


After you used CrimsonHeart v1.2 Hack, you will get something like the screenshot below:

CrimsonHeart hack

How to get unlimited everything on CrimsonHeart v1.2:

1. Download CrimsonHeart v1.2 hacked IPA from the link given below.

2. Install ipa on your jailbroken iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch.

3. Enjoy the Game.


Download from here

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  1. it still wont let me download

    it takes me to another page and keeps loading

  2. there’s no link for the hack

  3. there’re some error for this hack.
    i think the power is too much, when i make combo hit it will not count to be attack at the third hit!!!
    also, happen when i upgrade my magical skill when the attack more than 999999 the monster didn’t die

    please, do the new version, i’m counted on u.
    anyway it’ll better, if u can make the unlimit skill too.


  4. thanks J8mesz! you are awesome!

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