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Dark Avenger v1.2.1 Hack

Dark Avenger by Gamevil has been released on App store last week and got updated to version 1.0.2 two days ago. Gamevil’s games are not that easy to hack anymore. So here is the late hack for Dark Avenger 1.0.2. Dark Avenger 1.0.2 hack only available for jailbroken iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

Please note: There is no Dark Avenger hack for non-jailbreak device, please don’t ask me for that.

What’s New in Version 1.2.1

The smaller bugs have been squashed!

Dark Avenger v1.2.1 hack feature:

  1. Unlimited Health Potions
  2. Unlimited Mana Potions
  3. Unlimited Inventory Space
  4. No Health Potion Cooldown
  5. No Mana Potion Cooldown
  6. Exp Hack
  7. Gold Hack
  8. No Skills Cooldown

Cannot hack gem, please do not request! (I will keep working on it)

Dark Avenger hack golds

How to hack Dark Avenger 1.2.1 with jailbreak:

1. Download and install Dark Avenger 1.2.1.

2. Download Dark Avenger 1.2.1 hack from the link given below [VIP ONLY] to your computer.

3. Unzip Dark Avenger 1.2.1 hack file.

4. Using iFunbox or iTools copy the file “doz”  to var/mobile/Applications/Dark Avenger/DarkAvenger.app/

5. Overwrite existing file.

6. Set permissions to 777 to the file “doz” using iFile.

7. Reboot your device.

8. Done! Enjoy unlimited golds on Dark Avenger v1.2.1 brought to you by J8mesz only here at iPlayPlus

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  1. Hi J8mesz, the hack end the IPA dont work for me !! Crash just after the loading screen. Can you help me please ? And sorry for my bad english.

  2. Thank you for this! I hope that the gem hack comes out nicely, and without much stress! I tried looking into it but I couldn’t find a damn thing. IDA Pro was not made for me.

    • Actually they double check the GEM from server, it’s pretty much impossible to hack Gem. But I am not 100% sure,still trying.

      • Damn. I hope you can find some way to do it. No stress though!

        By the way does their server upload new info if played offline? Lets say you play offline and collect 1 gem would it go away when you connect to their server? Or would it sync? If so, try an offline hack.

        If not, then I’m just talking out of my ass. Haha.

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