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Dawn of Magic v2.0 update

Dawn of MagicDawn of Magic is a free Game for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch, has just updated to version 2.0 with new items added.

Dawn of Magic unfolds in classic RPG style with modern stunning visuals, animation and a multiple ending story!

100 years ago, the goddess created the magic gem, as a response to the human wish. The world prospered with the mysterious power of the magic gem…until we abused it. With only a small amount of magic struggling to hold the world together, you find yourself faced with making a choice that will save it–or end it all!

Game Features:
1) Classic RPG with stunning visuals and animation.
2) Quests filled with adventure, mysteries and epic battles!
3) Unleash the powers of magic gems and save the world!
4) Pick your team! Discover the multiple endings!

Choose between 3 heroines, each with distinctive battle skills to fight with you! Gain special abilities through special items and upgrading their skills.

Magic gems give you magic abilities that you can unleash against your enemies and wild beasts that roam the land! Each team member can be customized with different magic gems, giving you mastery over different magical powers.

Explore the world and discover secret missions, rare magic gems and items!

What’s New in Version 2.0

To celebrate the release of Dawn of Magic v2.0, we are giving out 5000G! Update to v2.0 now so that you can use “happy2012” as a redeem code to get the extra G! [For a limited time only] 🙂

1. New virtual D-Pad giving you precise control!
2. New side quests where you can you discover rare weaponry!
3. Increased item drop rate in side quests!
4. Earn extra experience points and G!
5. Access updates and special announcements from the “News” button from the main menu!
6. System improvements in auto-save. (Auto-save is closed when the game first starts)
7. Minor bug fixes.

Dawn of Magic ipa

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