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Delete Multiple Notes At Once By using MultiNoteDelete [Jailbreak Tweak]

Yes,title tells you everything. MultiNoteDelete Cydia App allow you to delete multiple notes on your iPhone,iPad and iPod touch at Notes App.Simply just select the notes you want to delete and delete them at once.Easy and time saving.How does it work? Let’t take a look the details below.


Slightly after iOS was introduced, Apple as well as several other third-party apps made it easy to remove several items at once from a list view, by simply clicking on an “Edit” (or equivalent) button, selecting all the items desired for deletion and tapping on a button to get rid of them forever. Notes has always had a list view for managing different annotations, yet no mass delete feature has been implemented as of yet.

MultiNoteDelete is a new jailbreak tweak that attempts to fill this gap by adding a mass delete feature right into Notes’ list view. Using the method we described above, it’s now easier than ever to permanently remove multiple notes at once, as you can tell from the image below.

In order to install this tweak, you first must jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. уου wіƖƖ οf course need a jailbrokeniPhone, iPod touch οr iPad. Yου саn follow ουr step bу step guide posted here tοjailbreakуουr iPhone,iPad οr iPod touch οn iOS 4.3.5 usingRedsn0w , οr οn iOS 4.3.3 usingRedsn0w, PwnageTool,Sn0wbreeze&JailbreakMe (thаt last one being thе easiest).Before going on, make sure you’re familiar with basic diagnostic tasks in iOS devices, like entering DFU mode as well performing a restore through iTunes, in case anything doesn’t go as planned.

There’s no indication on which version of iOS this tweak is designed to work, but it should be able to operate on any version above, and including, 4.0. This tweak works as advertised and does nothing more than what it’s supposed to do, therefore it doesn’t add any icon to the home screen nor does it change the iOS user experience in any way whatsoever.

MultiNoteDelete can be installed on Cydia from the BigBoss repo, which should be listed by default. From within Cydia, just search for “MultiNoteDelete” and install the first result. The price you ask? Free!

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