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Demon’s Rise v1.3 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Enter the depths of the ancient city of Angor and prepare for battle. Form a mercenary party of

Demon's Rise
Demon’s Rise

adventurers, sell swords, rogue sorcerers and assassins and enlist with an army of Dwarves trying to retake their ancient homeland. Fight in a brutal campaign against goblins, undead, ratmen and the demon lords they worship.

Demon’s Rise is a turn-based tactical Game where players must lead a party of six heroes through the bowels of an underground city. Battles are intense affairs where the proper use of terrain and cover is as important as the choice of spell or attack.

CAMPAIGN: Battle through 67 grueling levels as you slay demons and the dark creatures that serve them.

CHARACTERS: Choose a band of six heroes from 24 playable character classes. Each class has unique strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

REWARDS: Uncover the treasures of the old kingdom … find gold or thousands of possible weapons, pieces of armour and artifacts. Equip them to make your heroes stronger or sell them off and buy something more fitting.

EXPERIENCE: As your heroes fight, they gain experience, level up and Unlock powerful new spells and abilities.

COVER / TERRAIN: Position is key to victory. Place your heroes behind cover for protection or next to a magical shrine for extra power.

MORALE: Your heroes and their enemies may panic when they see the battle go badly or enter a berserker fury if they see an ally cut down. Form a tight battle line where your stronger heroes can lend courage to the weaker ones and use intimidation as a weapon against your foes.

ABILITIES: Wizards can launch fireballs, cast protective wards or summon powerful monsters to their aid. Illusionists can trick their enemies into switching sides or make them panic without reason. Mighty warriors can make powerful weapon strikes, become berserk or heal themselves during battle. All 24 player classes and many of the enemies you will encounter can perform such abilities and can use them to turn defeat into victory.

Demon’s Rise is a traditional game with NO IN-APP PURCHASES or unfair “pay to win” mechanics. Victory is earned through courage, strength and tactics and not additional spending. Further, all future DLC’s and content packs will be provided free to existing customers. However, the base price will go up with each update so buy early to save.

* Note that this game requires an iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad Mini 2 or better. It will NOT run on older devices with less than 1GB of RAM.

What’s New in Version 1.1

– Bug fix for the 5th level of the Catecombs quest (Day 3). The level should now load inventory and player stats correctly.

– Dwarf Dragon Hunter playable character class added to the roster, bringing playable character choices to 25.

– Added Return to Camp button at the end of a battle.

– Lowered sensitivity of pinch to zoom and two finger rotate camera controls

– Replaced explosive scroll collectables with a magical scroll that grants extra action points rather than hurts the unit that picks them up.

– Increased starting health of all characters so that initial gameplay is easier and player characters do not die as easily in the early game.

– Bug Fix for patrol levels where certain enemies near doorways would not attack and could not be attacked directly.

What’s New in Version 1.3

Enhancement: Added option for a dynamic camera that follows the active unit during both player and enemy turns. This can be enabled in the options menu.
Enhancement: Improved touch controls for camera zoom and rotate.
Enhancement: Added parry / dodge animations that play when a unit dodges a melee attack.
Enhancement: Pressing the active units portrait in the bottom left of the HUD now switches to the next player unit that has not moved or attacked.
Enhancement: Added sounds for button clicks in the battle levels.
Enhancement: Added a flashing warning message when over-writing an existing save game.
Enhancement: Allow players to view inventory during battle. However, players can only equip or unequip items once all enemies have been defeated.
Enhancement: Inventory screen is now 15% bigger on iPad screens.

Bug Fix: Using the Illusionist mind control or Mage Hunter’s Madness skills will no longer stop the Leave Area button from appearing when all enemies have been defeated.
Bug Fix: The Tree Giant’s Tree Fist skill will no longer cause the game to crash.
Bug Fix: Fixed the issue where player units would sometimes not respond to touch input at the start of a level.
Bug Fix: Players can no longer steal from the shop by holding a vendor item and leaving and re-entering the shop.

Balance: Reduced the number of magic items that grant extra attacks so that characters do not get an excessive number of attacks.

Demon's Rise IPA

Demon's Rise

Download Demon’s Rise : iTunes ($2.99)

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V1.1: Openload | Filepup

v1.0: Filepup

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