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Desert Zombie Last Stand v1.1.1 Improved Auto Aiming

Desert Zombie Last Stand v1.1.1 updated with bugs fixed and improved auto aiming.

Arm yourself to the teeth and dive head-first into Desert Zombie: Last Stand, a high-octane, high-explosive action Game powered by Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine 3!

Desert Zombie delivers an immersive, action-packed warfare experience unlike any other! Fight to survive battling hordes of armed and dreadfully cunning zombies. Experience thrilling combat carnage and undead bloodshed complete with a full arsenal of modern weaponry, unlockable player perks, characters and achievements.

Featuring Spectacular 3D graphics powered by the Unreal Engine, you’ve never seen ANYTHING like Desert Zombie: Last Stand.

– Face off against the horde in endless survival maps
– An additional 5 playable characters to Unlock
– 6 upgradable character perks
– A complete arsenal of military grade weaponry
– An array of fearsome zombies to defeat
– Gamecenter achievements

What’s New in Desert Zombie Last Stand Version 1.1.1

– General Bug Fixes
– Improved Auto Aiming

Yου саn рυrсhаѕе Desert Zombie Last Stand frοm app store fοr 5.99 [App Store link]

Yου саn download Desert Zombie Last Stand v1.1.1 IPA frοm thе link given below rіɡht аftеr thе screenshots.

Desert Zombie Last Stand ipa

Download Desert Zombie Last Stand v1.1.1 cracked IPA

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