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Desktop Army v1.6 gets bug fixes

Desktop ArmyDesktop Army IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Are you ready to lead two warring armies into battle? Do you have the right strategy to defeat the enemy?

Gather your army and get ready to battle for control of the battlefield.

Send your rifleman and snipers against waves and waves of enemy infantry and tanks. Survive to upgrade your units and defeat the opponent.


★ An army at your command including

••• Bazooka Man
••• Sniper
••• Flamethrower
••• Machine Gunner
••• Bombers
••• and more!

★ Head to head multiplayer via Bluetooth between any device that supports Bluetooth (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)
★ Upgrade your men to fight more and more powerful enemies
★ Call down an airstrike or send out tanks to battle your enemy
★ Intuitive gameplay and hand drawn graphics
★ Retina display
★ Universal! Native support for iPad and iPhone.
★ AirPlay and HDMI support so you can play on your TV. (Requirements: Apple TV 2 or HDMI cable and iOS 5.0+)

Revision History:
• 1.5 Added iPad Retina support
• 1.4 Added support for AirPlay and HDMI.
• 1.3 Added Multiplayer via Bluetooth and player suggestions
• 1.2 Bonus Shop, Medal/Trophy case
• 1.1 Added iPad support, balance changes, more difficulty modes, bug fixes.

What’s New in Desktop Army Version 1.5

iPad Retina support!

Play Desktop Army in native iPad 3rd Generation Retina display.

Additional changes:
* Bonus Shop boosts will now take effect immediately instead of next level.
* Fixed issue with background images for Hard and Very Hard modes
* Fixed issue with Hard and Very Hard modes not saving correctly.

What’s New in Version 1.6

* Fixed issue with Army Commander medals not being awarded correctly. If you’ve already met the requirements for the medals, just create an additional unit in any Game and the medals and stamps will be awarded.
* Fixed issue with crashing usually towards the higher number of waves. This was a bug related to the bombers.
* Fixed some graphics issues with iPad Retina display.
* Fixed issue with crashing when finishing the Game on iPad

Desktop Army ipa

Download Desktop Army from app store – $1.99 USD

Version 1.6 : SlingFile

Download Desktop Army v1.5 cracked ipa

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