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Dingle Dangle Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Dingle DangleDingle Dangle for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Who wants to dangle for some Dingles?

Meet the adorable Dingles, furry little critters who live below the ground just waiting to be lifted to safety. With the help of a pirate’s airship and his trusty grapple, use intuitive tilt controls to dangle your rope into deep, spike-filled underground burrows.

Over 60 puzzles to dingle and dangle your way through. Visit new worlds that introduce delicious flies that fatten up and change the color of your dingles and dangerous new enemies out to gobble your furry new friends.

Tug the Dingles to safety using a combination of manual lever controls and tilting your device to angle your dangle around spikes and other perils.

Fancy a top hat and monocle? Maybe a tutu is more your style. Whatever the case, there’s plenty to spend your hard-earned gems on whether it’s a gadget to extend the length of your grapple or a new outfit for the Dingle.

• 60 levels of Dingle dangling puzzling fun
• Master the art of dangling with intuitive tilt controls
• Fall in love with the chatty and emotive Dingles
• Spend gems on power-ups, outfits and new ropes
• UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Dingle Dangle ipa

Dingle Dangle cracked ipa

Dingle Dangle IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.0: uload.to

Download Full Version

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