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Disable Mac OS X Lion’s Resume Feature-Here’s How

Here is the simple steps guide for you to know how to disable the new Resume feature in Mac OS X Lion.Firstly,if you don’t know what is resume then take a look the definition below. 
When you launch an application, it appears exactly as you left it. All the open windows, palettes, and panes — even the cursor position and highlighted text — come back just as they were.
This feature is great for some but very bothersome for others. If you want a clean slate each time you reopen an application the instructions below will show you how to disable Resume.

This guider goes very simple with only 3 steps,start to disable your Mac OS X Lion ‘ Resume Feature below.

Step One
Click to select System Preferences… from the Apple menu at the top left of your screen.


Step Two
Select General from the Personal section of System Preferences.


Step Three
Uncheck the box labeled Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps.



Once you are here,everything is done!!!Enjoy!

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