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Disable Safari’s Spelling Auto-Correct in Mac OS X Lion

If you disabled spelling auto-correct in Mac OS X Lion but find yourself still being autocorrected as you type various words in Safari, that’s because Safari 5.1 has a separate spelling and grammar engine than the core OS. Here’s how to turn it off:

  • Open a new Safari window and select a text-input box by clicking into it.
  • Pull down the Edit menu and scroll down to “Spelling and Grammar”
  • Select “Correct Spelling Automatically” so that the check no longer appears next to it

You can disable Safaris spell checking here too, but the autocorrect feature is what actually causes your words to change themselves rather than just be highlighted by the checking feature.


Here is How to Turn Off Auto Correct in Mac OS X Lion:


Annoyed with OS X Lion‘s new auto correct feature? You can turn disable it quickly:

  • Launch System Preferences, click on “Language & Text”
  • Click on the “Text” tab and uncheck the box next to “correct spelling automatically”

Auto correct in Lion is seemingly a lot more intelligent than past iOS versions, but it still can be frustrating when you are typing unique names of people, products, companies, slang, and even various tech terms.

Obviously if you want it enabled again, you just need to recheck that box.


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