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Disable the “Backup of …” Pages & iWork Files from Showing in the Mac OS X Finder

The iWork suite under Mac OS X 10.7 includes a rather peculiar default option that backs up every files prior version that you are working on, as a separate file in the same folder. Instead of the backups only being accessible from Versions, this spills out into the Finder, where a file called “Document.pages” will also have a “Backup of Document.pages” file stored in the same directory. This quickly turns into a giant cluttered mess for students or anyone else who works with a lot of Pages files, since essentially a duplicate of each one is stored in the same folder.

Here’s how to turn off these backups and stop them showing up in the Finder, this is the same for Pages and anything else in the iWork Suite:

  • From Pages, pull down the Pages menu and select “Preferences”
  • Choose the General tab and look next to “Saving” for “Back up previous version when saving” – uncheck this box

This will stop storing the backup files in the Finder, but unfortunately this also seems to disable the Versions feature for the app too, so keep that in mind before you turn this off and get used to hitting Command+S often again. Automatic backups and versioning are undoubtedly a useful feature, but this is rather bizarre and fairly un-Applelike to clutter folders with excess files, so maybe it’s just an oversight or a bug.


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  1. Unchecked ‘Backup previous version when saving’ – still saves a backup file. Any ideas?

  2. People are so caught with everything today they barely allot time to do stuff for the rainy days. And with rainy days, we meant data back-ups. What most people doesn’t realize is the fact everything’s done with a computer, and if the PC’s files aren’t backed-up, they will be gone forever. 

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