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Discover new music through your iPhone

The good thing about the iPhone and iPod touch is actually a computer with Internet connection, so you can do much more with it than the average iPod. With an iPod nano or iPod classic you’re stuck with the music you put on the device. With the iPhone, it does not: that you can use additional software Internet radio stations tune in and listen to music you do not even have them. There are several solutions to do this: Pandora and Last.fm are very popular but only if you install a U.S. iTunes account. We therefore opted for another service, which is accessible worldwide: FineTune.
Fine Tune is a free service that lets you listen to music. There are about 2 million songs in the catalog of all the major labels and dozens of smaller record companies. Now it’s just not legally allowed to give people access to a huge music collection without having paid for them. Finetune has therefore have to incorporate a number of limitations: you can always create a playlist of 45 songs. In each particular artist, a playlist more than three times occur. Also can the same song on multiple playlists set. The order can not decide: which is arbitrary.

Actually, Fine Tune a personal radio station, which you have the content but not the order states. You can also compare the new Apple Genius feature, which you based on a song forward with suggestions for other songs you possibly will like. The big difference is obviously that the Finetune music catalog is much larger and you will not have to think whether your number is in your possession. Do you own too much trouble to make a playlist, you can even on the ‘I Am Lazy’ button to automatically populate the playlist, after the name of a favorite artist you entered.

Finetune also has an iPhone application, which you can install via the App Store. Its operation is similar to Pandora: you choose an artist and makes a Finetune playlist, with songs by other artists that play similar genre. This way you can discover new artists and albums, the music industry eventually benefit: the intention is that you go buy the albums. You can use Fine Tune also playlists that you listen to on the desktop, through the Fine Tune website created. By tapping on related artists discover new music.

If you are a U.S. iTunes account you would also agree Pandora Radio, Last.fm or OurStage can try. Sites like Imeem and Songerize also offer the opportunity to discover new music, but there are no iPhone applications that support these services.

Listening to music works best when you are obviously a good Wi-Fi connection, but the move would be good quality over 3G.

Installation: FineTune (free)

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