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DIY Audio Breakout for the iPad

Reed Ghazala

Reed Ghazala, an experimental instrument builder and the ‘father of circuit bending’ has posted instructions on how to create an audio breakout for the iPad.

I’ve been sneaking around Apple’s garden for a long time, dating back to the Apple II motherboard hacked into my code-munching poly-synth of the early ’80’s. I’ve modded iMacs, towers, endless accessories, and I’ve drastically bent Mac-centric code with wonderful result. This movie loosens another brick in Apple’s wall, and opens the iPad’s usability tremendously.
I know I’m not the only individual appreciating the experimental music apps available on the iPad. I’m anxious to support the developers’ fine work. But for musicians, the iPad’s interface can be frustrating. Do you really want to use dongles, mini-jacks and flimsy wire to get in and out of the thing?
This audio breakout solves these problems, is easy to do, and is inexpensive.
No bending here, just a quick, theory-true hack based upon iPad docking charts I found online. Not a superdock. No competition for the Alesis breakout. But if you want a slick, basic and functional DIY audio desk, on the cheap, check this hack out!

Take a look at this gallery or watch the video below for instructions on how to build the breakout yourself.
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