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Do iPod Classic Shortages Mean Discontinuation or Update?

The iPod Classic is listed as being backordered or out of stock at many retailers leading to speculation that it might be discontinued or updated in the near future, according to AppleBitch.

The Apple Store shows that the silver iPod Classic now ships in 1-3 days, down from 24 hours last week. In addition, Best Buy has updated their website to say that the device is backordered for 1-2 weeks (last week it was shipped in 1 day) and Target also has it backordered for 2-4 weeks. Amazon.com shipping times are 2-4 weeks, Apple Reseller J & R are completely out of stock. Currently the shortage only seems to be affecting the silver colored model, the dark colored version appears relatively unaffected.

Last month Toshiba introduced a new 1.8-inch hard drive that could be used to bump the iPod Classic’s capacity to 220GB from 160GB. It’s unclear if these shortages are in advance of an update or if Apple has decided to discontinue the device. The iPod Classic did not receive an update in September alongside the rest of the iPod lineup.

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