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Donate to Help Geohot Fight Sony

Geohot has set up a new blog and is asking for help in his legal battle with Sony.

Media, I need your help. This is the first time I have ever asked. Please, if you support this cause, help me out and spread the word.

I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business.

Together, we can help fix the system

Sony is suing Geohot and fail0verflow for jailbreaking the PS3 console. This is a case that could have huge ramifications for consumer rights. The EFF says, “Sony’s core arguments — that it can silence speech that reveals security flaws using the DMCA and that the mere fact of a terms of use somewhere gives a company permanent and total control over what you do with a device under pain of criminal punishment — are both sweeping and frightening, and not just for gamers and computer researchers. Frankly, it’s not what we expect from any company that cares about its customers, and we bet it’s not what those customers expect, either.”

The Library of Congress Copyright Office has ruled that smartphone jailbreaking was legal but they have not as of yet made the same ruling for Game consoles. Geohot has helped many in the iPhone community with his jailbreaks. We urge you to donate towards the cause. You can read more details about this on http://www.geohot.com or at his new “Geohot Got Sued” blog.

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