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Download iFile 1.7.1-1 [v1.7.1-1] For iPhone / iPod / iPad

iFile 1.7.1-1 Cracked For iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadiFile 1.7.1-1 is available at iPlayPlus for Free Download.Now iFile v1.7.1-1 has Added option to open new tabs using bookmarks. iFile 1.7.1-1 is the best file manager and viewer for iPhone/iPod/iPad.  iFile v1.7.1-1 is a tweak which supports you to view the files openly as well as Text, Sound, MS Types, PDF, HTML and Movies. You can go straightly to any pages for PDF filesiFile also supports compressed file and ZIP packing and also edit the text files. This is the latest version of iFile which allows you to open new  tabs using bookmarks. iFile 1.7.1-1 is viewer and file manager and via iPhone file system, fast navigation can be possible. iFile1.7.1-1  is compatible for iPhone, iPod Touch and now for iPad and it requires iOS 4 or later. Main Specs, Crack and Changes in iFile 1.7.1-1 are given below.

What is new in iFile v1.7.1-1:

1.7.1-1 – Feature and Bugfix Release (iOS 4.x and later)

  • Enhancements
    • Added support for loading MobileSubstrate extension SwipeShiftCaret.dylib.
    • Added support for hiding dot files on QNAP NAS (start with :2e).
    • Vietnamese Localization added.
    • preinst script included in iFile package that kills iFile before installation in Cydia.
  • Fixes
    • Corrected reformatted preferences view when returning from sub-views.
    • Corrected handling of empty file name when creating new file/folder/link to avoid crash.
    • Corrected handling special characters in user names in FTP URL’s, e.g. email addresses.
    • Corrected that Attributes Editor did not close after FTP/Dropbox file renaming (iPhone).
    • Corrected that directory listing did not get updated after FTP/Dropbox file renaming (iPad).
    • Corrected reading of preferences so that they don’t get overwritten by defaults (iOS 4.x).
    • Corrected shortened directory listings on FTP servers in case of large number of files./li>
    • Corrected bug that not all files of large FTP directories did get copied/moved to local file system.
    • Fixed display issue when user rotated the iDevice in a viewer and then returned to file browser.
    • Fixed crash while storing a text file in Dropbox from Text Editor.
    • Corrected too small display of PDF’s on 3rd generation iPad.
    • Corrected Image and PDF Viewer to display the images and PDF’s fixed centered (iOS 5.x).
    • Corrected handling of copying between remote and local file systems in case of using just a single tab.
    • Fixed crash in Preferences->Registration Status.
    • Fixed crash when deleting files.

See  iFile 1.7.1-1 screenshots below:

ifile 1.7.1-1 ifile 1.7.1-1 cracked deb

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