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Download Mountain Lion for developers

downloading mountain lionApple’s Developer Center has been updated with new Mountain Lion resources available to the registered Mac developers. Most importantly, those with a paid developer account can now immediately download OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview. The software is delivered via the Mac App Store and it replaces your previous operating system version so make sure to use it on test machines rather than your primary productivity system. Just log in to your developer account, access the Mac section, click the OS X Mountain Lion tab and then hit the Get Redemption Code button next to the OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview or OS X Mountain Lion Server Developer Preview. This will launch the Mac App Store and start a download process. You must be using a 64-bit, Intel-based Mac running either Mac OS X v10.6.7 Snow Leopard or OS X Lion and have at least 8GB of free disk space to install OS X Mountain Lion. In addition to the pre-release version of the operating system, Apple is also making a number of related resources available, including guidelines for developing apps for Mountain Lion, GameKit and GLKit programming guides explaining how to write Game Center-compatible games using social gaming and graphics technologies which debuted in iOS 5 and more. Finally, following a brief removal of Xcode 4.3 from the Mac App Store this morning, the new Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview for OS X Mountain Lion is now available in your dev account and it includes the Mac OS X 10.8 SDK and iOS 5 SDK.

For non-developers user, if you want to download and try this amazing OS X Mountain Lion, then you need to be patient, we will post the download link later, please stay tuned!!


Download Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Torrent [Mirror Links to be added Soon..]

os x mountain lion in developer center

Download Full Version

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  1. can someone please upload the developer preview of mountain lion server? that would be very much appreciated. thanks!!

  2. after downloading the torrent, i can CONFIRM that the image is NOT in the correct format. There is NO ESDInstall.dmg file in the ISO, just the standard installer partition file structure.

    The installer might work from within an existing session os MACOS, but I doubt one can boot from it and start a fresh install.

    Ultimately, this is not how things should be done.

  3. why did the uploader bother to make an ISO of a DMG (compressed image)???

    the downloaded DMG can be burned or mirrored to a thumb drive. the DMG contains multiple partitions (boot and data), the ISO does not. as a result, the burned DVD won’t boot on a supported mac.

    either the uploader is totally incompetent, or (again), the file is fake…

  4. torrent is an ISO file, OSX is a DMG…. is that a fake?

  5. HI, How I install the Torrent, from a dvd? or is a dmg file?

    • @danielencinas You first downloaded the .iso from the torrent, then you need to burn iso file to DVD, the final step is to input dvd to your Mac to start installing.Or I will post a tutorial for how to install mountain lion later.

  6. @eternallydemi can’t afford one 🙁 and thanks now need bro to start torrent so I can remote it on cos I CBA to leave my room LOL

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