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Download Safari 5.1.4 For Developers [Download Links]

Right on the heels of yesterday’s release of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 (which includes Safari 5.1.3), Apple seeded its developer community with Safari 5.1.4 for Mac and Windows. Apple advises developers to update their test machines to OS X 10.7.3 because it’s a requirement for Safari 5.1.4 for Lion. Release notes and download links after the break.

Safari 5.1.4

 Safari 5.1.4 Update for Mac and Windows

JavaScript Performance Enhancements
Safari 5.1.4 on Lion includes many fixes that enhance JavaScript performance. Please test webpages that use JavaScript and look for compatibility issues.

Plug-Ins & Zooming
Please test interaction with plug-ins and the appearance of plug-in content
while zooming. Please test zooming using gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Printing PDFs
Please test printing PDFs loaded into Safari as well as PDFs displayed in iframes.
Using PDFs Printed from Webpages
Please test links in PDFs created from webpages using Safari 5.1.4.

Your download links

Note: You must be a registered developer in order to download pre-release software from Apple.

Safari 5.1.4 Update – Lion (44MB)
Safari 5.1.4 Update – Lion Uninstaller (170KB)
Safari 5.1.4 Update – Snow Leopard (47MB)
Safari 5.1.4 Update – Snow Leopard Uninstaller (165KB)
Safari 5.1.4 Update – Windows (109MB)
Safari 5.1.4 Release Notes (PDF)

Download Full Version

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