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All-New TETRIS® (World) v1.0.0 Rleased


TETRIS (World) 1.0.0 has released by Electronic Arts (EA). It has all new design and available for iPhone,iPad and iPod touch. This is one of my favorite iOS games. I have been playing the previous old version for a while and in the old Game, I played to the end-level, which is 15. I can’t wait to play this one too.

THE TETRIS® Game RE-IMAGINED! Discover an all-new Tetris® Universe. Join the One-Touch revolution now and experience visionary new ways to play!


• ONE-TOUCH MARATHON MODE – Feel the power of this revolutionary new way to play the Tetris® game. Craft the perfect strategy and stack Tetriminos with the tap of a finger. You’ll have a few options, so choose wisely!

• TETRIS® GALAXY – Try this new multi-level mode! Clear to the core as you drop each Tetrimino with split-second intensity. And use power-ups to transform the blockade below!

• TETRIS® LOG – Challenge your friends and show off your skills in Origin.

• TETRIS® RANK – Keep a tally of every line you’ve ever cleared.

• T-CLUB – Join fellow Tetris® enthusiasts and gain an advantage with bonus lines and T-Coins.

Enjoy the Marathon style you know and love – and get Korobeiniki (the world famous 8-bit theme song) to keep you going for hours!

You can purchase TETRIS® from app store for $0.99 USD. [App Store link]

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Download TETRIS® v1.0.0 cracked IPA – filesonic.com

TETRIS®TETRIS® 1.0.0 ipa

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