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Download Tigerfish Version 1.2 Cracked IPA

Survival in waters is something very difficult. You have to eat small while escape from the great ones!
A funny and fun Game! Your goal is to guide the yellow fish Tigerfish into several levels, eating small fishes and finding treasures to score points.
However is not so easy. Bigger and hungry fishes will try to do the same with your fish.
Care also with the crabs.
Take the keys to enter the castles. You can find great treasures in amazing scenery!

– The game is created for casual players and for players that are looking for challenges.
– Reaching high scores is an option. If you do not want to reach scores, you can just play, stay at the same stage swimming, eating fishes and bursting bubbles.
– If desired, you can go right from the level and get to the end of the game as fast as you can.
– You can also explore all phases of the game in detail searching for upgrades and hidden treasures.
– The graphics are well done. The different scenarios and the characters in cartoon style are very friendly and funny.
– Funny animations, illustrations in cartoon style.
– 4-way scrolling adventure.
– Paralax 3D background effect.
– Exclusive soundtrack and sound effects.
– Tilt control (uses accelerometer to move characters tilting the device)
– Nonlinear levels.
– Casual gaming.
– Gamer-playability with exploration levels.


You can purchase Tigerfish 1.2 from App Store for $0.99. It’s both avilable for iPhone and iPad.Check out the iPad version from here.

As well, you can download the cracked IPA from the link posts below.

Bυt іf уου Ɩіkе thе games οr Apps,уου mυѕt рυrсhаѕе οr download thеm legally through thе App Store.

Few things уου need tο know before уου download thе IPA file:

1.Gеt уουr iOS devices jailbroken ready.If уου ԁіԁ nοt,check out ουr jailbreak tutorials posted here.

2.Yου need tο know hοw tο add IPA files tο уουr iPhone,iPad οr iPod touch,tutorials posted here.

Thе IPA file download link posts below:

Click here to download Tigerfish 1.2 ipa



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