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Download Turtix 1.0 for Mac Cracked IPA

Dark forces have invaded a once peaceful land and kidnapped all of the young turtles from the School of Magic! Will you join the brave and commendable Turtix as he sets out to rescue them? Don’t let this charming side-scrolling adventure pass you by!
Turtix is a new arcade adventure that heralds the rebirth of the classic side-scrolling platform Game. Guide a charming hero through gorgeous worlds crammed with visual detail! Make Turtix hop from place to place using smooth, responsive controls that allow you to execute dazzling double-jumps with ease! Save dozens of young turtles from the grip of a mysterious evil and restore peace and harmony to their world!

◇ Five worlds to conquer
◇ Dozens of enemies to defeat
◇ Easy, Normal and Hard modes
◇ Simple, responsive controls
◇ Gorgeous, detailed worlds
◇ Gameplay that’s appropriate for all ages!
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You can purchase Turitx 1.0 on Mac App store for $3.99.

Or,you can just download the cracked IPA file posts below.

But,if you do like this game,you must рυrсhаѕе οr download thеm legally through thе App Store.

Click here to download Turitx 1.0 cracked IPA.


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