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Dragon Fantasy v1.2.0 Added D-Pad

Dragon Fantasy has been updated to version 1.2.0. A Virtual D-Pad has been added at the request of many!

Old heroes never die, they just go bald.

From Muteki Corporation, creators of Battle of Pirate Bay and developers of many well-loved iOS titles comes our latest Game, Dragon Fantasy.

Experience an all-new adventure on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! Join Ogden, a hero who’s been written off as past his prime as he goes on a new adventure to reclaim his past glory. Engage in battle with dozens of strange, silly and scary monsters in the caves, castles and dungeons of an ancient evil. Meet warriors, princes, pirates, zombies and crazy old woodsmen in an epic journey that’s not quite like any RPG you’ve played before.

Authentic 8-bit artwork and an original soundtrack by renowned Bay Area 8-bit musician, Crashfaster keeps the Game true to its retro roots.

What’s New in Dragon Fantasy  Version 1.2.0

* A Virtual D-Pad has been added at the request of many!

* Journey to the eastern lands of Sandheim in another new adventure!

* Fight multiple monsters at once!

* Steal from the locals by sneaking up behind them and picking their pockets!

* Additional fixes, updates and graphical improvements…and MORE!

You can purchase Dragon Fantasy from app store for $2.99 USD.[App Store link]

You can download  Dragon Fantasy v1.2.0 IPA from the link given below.

Dragon Fantasy 1.2.0 ipa

Download Dragon Fantasy v1.2.0 IPA for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch -filesonic

Download Dragon Fantasy v1.2.0 ipa for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch -fileserve

Download Full Version

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