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Dragon Flight v1.2.0 [All Characters + Unlimited Golds]

Dragon Flight v1.2.0 hack to get all characters unlocked and unlimited golds on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak. I don’t think this Game can hack by iapfree/ipacracker.

In Dragon Flight 1.2.0 hack, you will get:

  1. All Characters unlocked
  2. 987,654,337 Golds

What’s New in Dragon Flight Version 1.2.0

1. You can raise adorable baby dragons. Buy ‘Dragon egg’ from the item shop.
Baby dragon can take part in a battle right after hatching from the egg.
Baby dragon shows one attribute among 4 types, sometimes there can be some rare species of them as well.

* Rapid shooter : this dragon will stay close to you and will shoot enemies together.
* Ice-bounder: this dragon will freeze the enemy so they would move slower.
* Detonater: this dragon attacks powerfully so enemies in large area can be damaged at once.
* Lightener: this dragon uses electronic beam to eliminate a enemy.

2. Assassin, our new character!! Assassin hides into darkness whenever they crashes into the enemy. And shows again and flies as like there was nothing happened! (charged service)

3. New item ‘Fly in formation’ added. Whenever flight is over, you can continue the flight with other character not starting from the beginning point.

How to hack Dragon Flight v1.2.0 without jailbreak:

1. Install and run Dragon Flight 1.2.0 from App Store (Free). Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download Dragon Flight 1.2.0 hack from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox copy the file ” player_info.sav ” to var/mobile/Applications/Dragon Flight/Documents/

4. Overwrite existing file.

5. Done! Enjoy all characters unlocked and unlimited golds on Dragon Flight 1.2.0 brought to you by J8mesz.


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