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Duneoneers Academy For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Duneoneers Academy
Duneoneers Academy

Dungeoneers Academy is a mobile Game in which players control an avatar from a lowly recruit/trainee into a great hero of the land. Players may choose from two character classes, fighter and wizard. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses, and as such need to be played in their own way.

The Academy Sponsored Merchants Guild are always nearby and have a great selection of equipment, weapons, spell scrolls and potions for you to choose from. Remember that some items are better for one class than the other.

Your avatar will be able to travel 5 regions to explore and plunder the dungeons, increasing their skills and wealth. Dungeon exploration is real-time while combat enters a turn-based system, giving you time to think. You can move and fight at your own pace, slow and cautious or quick and with abandon.

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