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Dungeon Hunter 4 v1.6.0 Hack Unlimited Golds and Diamonds

Dungeon Hunter 4 has been released few days ago, and as many of you requested Dungeon Hunter 4 hack for golds and diamonds, here it is for you! Dungeon Hunter 4 hack works on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch required jailbroken divices.

What’s New in Version 1.6.0

Blessed or cursed? It’s up to you to decide…
Find out what’s new in this latest Cursed Dungeons update!

Participate in a brutal new array of both Solo and PvP challenges in the NEW EVENTS FEATURE:

– Events will have you slashing through 4 NEW DUNGEONS: Battle through the shrieking halls in the Vault of the Voice, fight back in the Haunted Sanctum, prove you’re a true warlord in the Shattered Temple, and awaken the ancient demons in the Crimson Stronghold

– Ravage dungeons and complete these events to receive unique rewards and a chance at BRAND-NEW WEAPONS and ARMOR SETS, exclusive to this new mode!

– Stay alert as NEW EVENTS will be added constantly; don’t miss out on your chance to grab rewards!

This update also includes:
– A smaller install size, but with demons that are no less evil!

Dungeon Hunter 4 hack features:

  1. Unlimited Golds
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
  3. Unlimited  Health/Energy Potion (No Cooldown)

Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack golds and diamonds

How to hack Dungeon Hunter 4 with jailbreak: [All Versions]

1. Install and run Dungeon Hunter 4 from App Store. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Dungeon Hunter 4 hack from the link given below.

3. Unzip the file. Use iTools/iFunbox copy the file “DungeonHunter4” to var/mobile/Applications/DH4/DungeonHunter4.app/

4. Overwrite existing file.

5. Using iFile to set permissions to 777 to the file “DungeonHunter4”.

6. Reboot your device.

7. Done! Enjoy unlimited golds and diamonds on Dungeon Hunter 4 brought to you by J8mesz.

Note: if you have iapfree/ipacracker installed, please turn it off!!Otherwise, you can’t get into the in-app store.

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  1. [email protected] this hack does not work on the new version 1.6.0
    Please would you be so kind and update it? Thanks in advance.

  2. The file has been deleted. Please kundly re-upload.

  3. Any chance you’re doing a 1.1.0 fix?

  4. Help! The game keeps crashing james

  5. I’m on iphone 4, ios 6.1.2. The game keeps on crashing at the home screen. When i press continue or tap on any other menu.

  6. Hello, when I create a character, the game crashes.permesions 777 all good. I have iapfree installed but disconnected. What can i do?iphone 4s ios 6.1.2

  7. Montee

    You have to play it one time to overwrite there
    *EDIT Doesnt work, if i click on Shop the Game Crashes

  8. Hi James, when the first time I joined Multiplayer game, everything was normal, but today it seems like all of my gears don’t exist any more in multiplayer mode. Any idea?

  9. The stuff you buy in the game doesn’t affect in multiplayer games ..please help !

  10. What about unjailbroken devices? How to hack DH4 without jailbreak?

  11. There wasn’t a file to ‘overwrite.’

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