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Easily Generate CSS Background Gradient Code in Mac OS X

Web designers and developers are well aware that creating CSS gradients is somewhat of a painful process. Sure there are a variety of web-based generator tools that make it easier, but you’ll often be left to scout around for different versions to get different CSS & CSS3 code pieces which then require manual tweaks in order to achieve a uniform gradient across WebKit, IE, and Mozilla based browsers.

The Gradient app aims to solve that headache with easy color selector tools and all the possible gradient options, but more importantly, instant and precise CSS rendering. Just choose your colors and gradient style (linear, radial, orientation) and click on “CSS” or the “Copy” button and it’s immediately generated, ready to be copied into your clipboard for use elsewhere. It’s very lightweight and gets the job done perfectly, making it a great tool for anyone who does web work.

You can download the beta for free here

Gradients is for Mac OS X only and it’s not clear if the developer plans to release the app onto the App Store or charge for the final product, nonetheless the beta is freely available and works just fine. This is a great tool found by MacStories, so heads up to them for the lead.


Download Full Version

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