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eBay Publishes Its iPad 2 Sales Data [Chart]

eBay has compiled its sales data for the new Apple iPad 2 and produced a nice chart which reveals ‘Where Do All These iPads Go?’.
It turns out that 65% of all iPad 2 sales remain in the U.S. Compare that to 35% for the first generation device. Canada and Russia tied for the second largest export locations and Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom tied for third.
CNET notes that eBay sellers are making quite a bit off their listings. For instance, the 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2, which retails for $499 had an average selling price of $697, which is $198 higher. It goes up from there, hitting a $264 premium on the 64GB model, and a staggering $406 average premium on the top-of-the-line 64GB model with built-in 3G.
EBay says its most popular model is the entry-level 16GB model at 30 percent of sales followed by the 64GB 3G model at 23 percent of sales.
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iPad 2 Sales Data:

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