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Elder Sign: Omens HD 1.1.3 fixed bugs

Elder Sign: Omens HDElder Sign: Omens HD for iPad:

The tense excitement of Elder Sign is now available for iPhone/iPod Touch! Elder Sign: Omens places you in control of up to four intrepid investigators, as they fight to keep all-powerful Ancient Ones from invading our world through a museum’s arcane exhibits!

*Build a team of unique investigators*
*Explore an ever-changing museum*
*Face challenging arcane tasks*
*Save the world from absolute destruction*
*Expand the horror with exciting in-app purchases*

Can you stand against the impending arrival of a malevolent Ancient One?

While Elder Sign: Omens brilliantly conveys the spirit of the Elder Sign dice Game, a few noteworthy differences were adopted to optimize the mobile play experience:

-A limited number of available Ancient Ones streamlines the Game play experience while offering adjustable levels of difficulty. Face Yig in easy mode, Azathoth in normal mode, or Cthulhu in hard mode (in-app purchase required to face Cthulhu).
-A number of subtle changes increase the peril of defending humanity. For example, the random negative effects drawn every midnight are more challenging, and the frequency of “no effect” results has been decreased. Monsters have likewise been altered to make them more difficult.
-Finally, there are no Ally cards in Elder Sign: Omens, which further streamlines play while increasing the overall challenge.

What’s New in Version 1.1.3

– Fixed an issue where longer games could cause an invalid game state (stuck on shutters).
– New receipt storage solution to fix issues some users were having with in-app purchases being remembered. Use Options > Expansions > Restore Purchases to restore your purchases after updating.
– Fixed some small bugs and layout issues.

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