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ELECOM manufacture of new iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Set

ELECOM famous Japanese electronics manufacturers will be offering a new iPad recently Bluetooth keyboard suite, named TK-FBM023E series. Is expected to issue black or white. Price is 5670 yen (about  $70 US  )

Which corresponds to Bluetooth ® 3.0 connectivity products. If you want to use the words of other machines can only carry Bluetooth. The overall use of ordinary English keyboard keyboard design, and has a home key. That want to exit when the program does not require a special operation conducted iPad. IPad also presented with the keyboard support, can be two tranches of position adjustment. To ensure that you are most comfortable position for text spelling. Wood and other non-magnetic objects in use, the actual operating range of up to 10 meters. The use of iron and other magnetic objects, the operating distance of 3 meters. The keyboard uses two AA batteries, if used under normal condition up to 4 months of life.

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