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Elf Defense Eng V1.0.5 gets bugs fixed

Elf Defense Eng

Elf Defense Eng for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Tower defense like you’ve never seen it before: crisp, beautiful, addictive, unmatched magic. Elf Defense sets a new standard for the tower defense genre, with gorgeous HD graphics, over 100 enemies to defeat, a sophisticated system of unit recruitment and upgrade, all packaged within an absorbing narrative.

Defend the elven homeland against the intrusion of human oppressors. Despite the historical generosity the elves have shown toward their human brethren, the human kingdom has chosen to relentlessly exploit their peaceful friends. Even these peace-loving elves have a breaking point, and it’s been reached as human forces attempt to overrun their very homes.

Retina display optimization and unmatched art direction make Elf Defense a pleasure to play; superior Game design makes it irresistibly addictive.


“Elf Defense is a TD Game that hits all the right notes.” – 148Apps Editor’s Choice!

“Stunning-looking tower defence title” – PocketGamer

“Truly impressive” – iPhoneappcafe

10/10 Score! “Elf Defense is guaranteed to keep you coming back” – Tapscape

“Retina-display optimized HD graphics in a beautifully bright palette combined with polished animation and superior character design make Elf Defense, hands-down, the best looking castle defense game in the App Store. ” – Todaysiphone


*Deploy a wide variety of units, each with their own special combat skills, to take down the enemy before they breach your walls!

*Over 100 enemy types make strategy a dynamic, evolving challenge

*Breathtakingly crisp graphics are put to good use with a gorgeous color palette and exceptional, unique character design

*Special items enhance tactics and provide players with the ability to tailor their strategy to suit their own playing style

*Adjustable difficulty makes Elf Defense fun for tower defense newbies and veterans alike

*Shop is packed with upgrades and items; players can purchase with in-game currency or buy additional currency

*GameCenter integration

*Gorgeous environments, Fairy Forest, Desolate Desert, Frozen Artic

*Collect formidable mercenary warriors to enhance your forces

What’s New in Elf Defense Eng Version V1.0.3

Some bugs are fixed.

What’s New in Version V1.0.5

Some bugs are fixed.

Elf Defense Eng V1.0.3

Elf Defense Eng V1.0.3 ipa

Elf Defense Eng IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version V1.0.5:SlingFile


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