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Elphis Adventure – [Unlimited Skill Points + SP + Golds + Faster Level up + Potion]

Elphis Adventure, another great RPG by Com2uS. Elphis Adventure is free on app store for everyone. To use Elphis Adventure hack, you need to head over to app store download this Game first. Many of you has requested a hack for Elphis Adventure, so here it comes.

In Elphis Adventure hack, you will get:

  1. Unlimited Skill Points
  2. Unlimited SP
  3. Unlimited Golds
  4. Unlimited Potion
  5. Faster Level up (2 times exp)
  6. Unlimited Stars

See the Elphis Adventure hack screenshots below: (A video will be on Youtube soon)

Elphis Adventure hack unlimited golds

Elphis Adventure hack unlimited skill points

How to get unlimited Skill Points,SP,Golds,Faster Levelup and Potion on Elphis Adventure:

1. Install & Run Elphis Adventure. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download then Copy file ‘Elphis’ to var/mobile/applications/Elphis/Elphis.app/

3. Overwrite existing file and make sure permissions to 777 and rebot your device.

4. Enjoy Unlimited Skill Points + SP + Golds + Faster Level up + Potion on Elphis Adventure brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.org


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  1. Is the hack for iPad too? And how can I copy the file to my iPad?

  2. The download like’s still available?

  3. No Data No Data

    Gold is working after i played a while , xp x2 instantly working , Skill point also work after I learnt first skill. Infinite item works for every item slots. After I gained some item and I decided to sell or throw away , amount will be increased but the bad point is that I can’t clear any item slot.

  4. tried alots times but didnt work anything……

  5. No Data No Data

    I don’t see Star and Stat points working , any suggestion plz?

  6. hmmm i dont see anypassword from VIP section for this game …..
    J8mesz can you fix it ?

    Thx alots

  7. jep password would be niceee 😉

  8. wow thats greet,

  9. We’re waiting for Link. ;p

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