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Enable Autocorrection Bar in iOS With AutocorrectionBar [Jailbreak Tweak]

Yesterday, we introduced how to use  iBackupBot to enable Autocorrection Bar hidden feature on non-jailbroken iOS 5s.Today, an iOS hacker,developer Ryan Petrich released a package to make it easier to enable this feature as well as fix an iOS 5 bug crash associated with this enabling this value. After installing AutocorrectionBar from Cydia, go to Settings -> AutocorrectionBar to toggle it on/off. From there, anytime you are using your keyboard, the autocorrection bar will appear.

Autocorrection Bar

At this point, the autocorrection bar is not that practical and to be honest, it’s quite annoying at this point. The method by which you move onto the next word while typing requires basically confirming each word which is cumbersome and slow. Nonetheless, if you want to give it a whirl, install it from Cydia. It’s available on all devices running iOS 4.3+.


Name: AutocorrectionBar

Author: Ryan Petrich

Version: 0.1-1

Price: Free

Note: If you decide to remove AutocorrectionBar, make sure to disable both toggles inside Settings -> AutocorrectionBar before doing so. The .plist values are not changed upon uninstalling the tweak, so if you wish to remove the feature completely, make sure to do that.

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