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Enable FaceTime over 3G on iOS 5 [How-To Tutorial]

We are all disappointed that Apple not released FaceTime call over 3G in iOS 5. Fortunately,Apple did not remove this feature entirely,but rather simply disabled it.

As you might know that we can easily enable FaceTime call over 3G by using My3G Cydia tweak, however this little tweak requires some modification of text rather than an entire app.  Well,  thanks to the folks over at FSM with the help of hamzasood, they’ve discovered a simple plist modification to allow this.

To be able to enable FaceTime Over 3G feature, you will need a jailbroken iDevice running on iOS 5 of course, and you have to know how to edit the .plist files using iFile. If you don’t have iFile yet, just head over to Cydia and purchase one for yourself. Then follow the simplest step listing below to get your iOS 5 device enable FaceTime call over 3G.

Enable FaceTime Over 3G In iOS 5 (Natively):

Step 1: Open iFile Cydia App

Open iFile Cydia App

Step 2: Browse through to /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/

Step 3: Open the file named N90AP.plist Tap ‘Edit’ on top left 

Step 4: Underneath

  1. <key>capabilities</key>    
  2. <dict>  


  1. <key>3Gvenice</key>   
  2. <true/>  

whilst taking care not to leave any line spaces.

Step 5: Save the file, and respring your device. You’re done – you can now enjoy FaceTime over 3G without having to use any third-party applications!

Continually adding tweaks to your device can sometimes be detrimental, with chances of freezes, crashes and the like obviously slightly increasing compared with stock. Thus, it’s better for everyone involved if Apple incorporates the features natively rather than edging consumers towards the alternatives found in Cydia.

Any questions, leave your comments below. We will answer them all. Enjoy!

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