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Epic Space Strategy Simulation For iOS

Factory Logic has announced the immediate availability of start and descent of 2.12, the range of the most popular games for the iPhone, iPhone and iPod touch. Now a Universal application, is the classic Game of space exploration and the construction of the Galactic Empire’s back. 1996 Codie Award Winner Best Strategy Software was down by the logic of the factory reworked.

Choose sent to one of the twenty exotic species to the stars. Manage your planets, new technologies, research, ship design and explore the cosmos. Once your company to the stars, space, exotic forms of animal life with different personalities. are strange effects abound. Each species has its own special power, and technological advances make it possible to circumvent the rules of the cosmos. As a diplomat or a warlord. Win by force or through the device. Can you lead your employees descent?

turn experience fleet of ships and combat systems in the stars, come to discover a host of new devices and inventions, build and install on their boats. Weapons and special devices have their own special effects and sounds, and can help you specialized strategies and tactics in combating subtle. But diplomacy is an alternative. Formation of business alliances, manipulation, friendship and peace with its inhabitants galactic companions, if desired.

This press ancestry is true to the classics. He played with original art, music and sounds. The new touch interface allows players to explore the graph in three dimensions with ease. Downhill receives rave reviews from early users worldwide. Place 1 on the list of several areas  App Store strategy. First, free update updates the performance and compatibility of the devices older generation lives.

Pricing and Availability: $ 2.12 is 7.99 (or the equivalent in other currencies) and in the world exclusively through the App Store in the category Games.
For more information, please contact the logic of the line factory. Promotion codes and other materials available upon request.

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