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Eternity Warriors 3 v0.2.1 Hack

Updated: A hack for this Game can download below

What’s New in Eternity Warriors 3 Version 0.2.0

The latest and greatest of Eternity Warriors 3 is here!

▶ Guilds! Join forces with other players and lead the most powerful guild in Udar!
▶ Improved performance and visuals throughout the Game
▶ Explore Udar in Legendary Mode after completing The Ivar Mountains level
▶ Evolving an item no longer changes the item’s rarity, but gives the same stat and power boost
▶ Offerings to the Silver God can now be purchased for Gems, in addition to being earned as quest rewards
▶ Various bug fixes and improvements

If you like Eternity Warriors, give us a 5-Star review and keep the great updates coming!

What’s New in Eternity Warriors 3 Version 0.2.1

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

Eternity Warriors 3 Hack Features:

  1. Instant Levelup (Max 100)
  2. Unlimited Energy
  3. Skill no cooldown

So, have you been playing Eternity Warriors 3 yet? Eternity Warriors 3 is a new ARPG game has just released on App store by Glu. Games. I think it is not available worldwide, but definitely can grab it on NZ app store if you do have Apple account there, or you can download Eternity Warriors 3 ipa from here on our site with pretty much high speed (no limit for me, and I have a free account there).

No doubt, the most interesting part for you guys is how to hack Eternity Warriors 3, no matter we are talking about coins or gems hack, or both, we want the in-app purchases for free. My job, of course, is to provide you the Eternity Warriors 3 hack, so what are the results do I get so far? Nothing, but failure.

I did my first attempt after I downloaded Eternity Warriors 3, by loaded into IDA, and it’s all sub_x, when I say all, I mean 90% of them.  Fortunately, I did figure something out, see the screenshots below:

Eternity Warriors 3 coins hack
Eternity Warriors 3 coins hack
Eternity Warriors 3 coins cheat
Eternity Warriors 3 coins cheat

However, this was not the real coins, it just display there, and can’t do nothing. When I go to buy something in the game, it always use the coins from what you have got before modified, the balance will restore back to normal. I think it will be checked the data from server and whatever I got on local data, it doesn’t matter.

What about gems hack? I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet, but first what I think is we can watch a video to earn gems.  But also out of luck! When I press the Free gem button, the video was about to came out, but suddenly, gone! This reminded me that they do a jailbreak checking. If they detected the device is jailbroken, then choose the video function disable.

That are all the results I got so far, now is time to keep working on it and I will let you know how it goes. Stay tuned for any updates. If you got any good ideas or ways to get Eternity Warriors 3 hacked, welcome to leave your comments below. Now, enjoy the game without a hack, play it legitimately.

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  1. File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server

  2. these is the way to hack this game
    i have checked this game directory now no more save-game in document folder all are hide in other directory including library, reference, sqlite file
    it just time for hacking this file

  3. Duandez Dulam Tju

    I saw a guy name archer with 99 level, thats is impossible

  4. Could you hack the health or exp level?

  5. have you tried xcon for fixing jailbreak detection?
    maybe make some of the items -9999… etc so when you buy, you actually gain gems/coins

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