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Evernote Peek The First iPad SmartCover App


Evernote Peek is the first app designed for the iPad 2 Smart Cover! Studying with an iPad has never been more natural. Simply peek under the cover to prepare for a quiz, practice a language or strengthen your memory.
Here’s how it works:
– Choose a notebook to study
– Close the Smart Cover
– Peek under the cover to see a clue, lift the cover more to see the answer
– Repeat
Closing the Smart Cover advances the app to the next clue. If you get one wrong, tap the box marked incorrect–you’ll be able to re-test the incorrect ones.

Create your own study notebooks:
Adding your own study materials to Peek is easy, just connect Peek to your Evernote account. If you don’t have Evernote, get it for free on your iPad, desktop or mobile device.
In Evernote, either choose an existing notebook or make a new one to use with Peek. The note title will become the clue and the note body will become the answer. For best results, keep the clue to one sentence and the answer to around three sentences.
In Evernote Peek, tap the Add button to add your Evernote notebooks.
* Evernote Peek will only work on an iPad 2 with the Apple Smart Cover *

You can download Evernote Peek from the App Store for free.

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