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Get unlimited Super Rainbows on Expand it!

Expand it! was released on app store at the end of last month, and this Game is quite fun.If you are looking for some super rainbows to resolve the levels that you cannot pass, then here you go. In Expand it! hack you will get 888,888,888 Super Rainbows. But, if you used Super Rainbows to resolve the levels,it will only get 1 star at that level. Anyway, some of you need this. Because the Game will getting harder and harder in later levels.

Expand it! cheats unlimited Super Rainbows

How to get unlimited Super Rainbows on Expand it! without jailbreak:

1. Install & Run Expand it!. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download then Copy file ‘exsavedata.dat’ to var/mobile/applications/Expand it/Documents/

3. Overwrite existing file.

4. Enjoy unlimited Super Rainbows on Expand it! brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.org


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