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ExpenseTracker – Spending v4.1.8-Paid Version

Spending is the most easy to use expense log that keeps track of your spending. No complex operations, no impractical functions. Spending is easy to use.

Spending will quickly and easily record each expense. It’s easy to see how much money you have spent every week and even how much money you have spent this year.

Key features:

Fast and easy to use native iPhone user interface
Recording a purchase takes seconds
Auto-generate recurring expenses and income entries
Create/Edit/Sort expense/income categories and subcategories
Dynamic graph showing costs in percentages
Password protection
CSV Data Export, support for customized ranges
Export CSV to Google Docs Spreadsheets
Online backup via Dropbox
History to view and adjust your previous entries
Flexible reports to view expenses by week, month, or year
Export/Import Backup by WiFi/USB/Mail
Multiple accounts.
Support different currencies for different accounts

What’s New in Version 4.1.8

– Support to export data as HTML with photos.
– Fixed bugs.

ExpenseTracker – Spending 4.1.8 is available on App store for $2.99. Also a free version can be find here.

OR you can just download the cracked version IPA file to install for your iPhone,iPad and iPod touch is posted below.

But if уου Ɩіkе thіѕ app,please рυrсhаѕе legally through thе App Store.

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