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Eye of Death Released for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

Eye of Death, a new iOS Game has just released on app store, created by InfiGames Inc.. Eye of Death is compatibles with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad,requires iOS 4.0 or later.Eye of Death is selling for $2.99, you can purchase it from here.

Threaten tighten your nerve.

You need to hold your breath attentively and restrain the depressing pulse.

Sorry, you are not entitled to rebirth.

When open the EYE OF DEATH, the scorching bullet spins out the cold sense of the death dance.

Trial ends up.

Scientists found a mysterious ancient scroll when they did the study of antiques and they successfully decoded it. The great power of the scroll can summon unknown living beings in any spaces and dominate them; while it requires the summoner have strong spiritual power.
Unfortunately, the dangerous information entered the ear of a young crazy science researcher and he asked the terrorists for help in stealing the scroll. His greed, lust and ambition brewed a surprising plot. However, the young man gradually realized that he was unable to manage the evil power when he was carrying out the great plan, then the plot evolved into a disaster. The young man began to repent and contact other scientist to study how to shut off the recall. During this period, the researchers needed to be protected by a team composed of special members to secure their safety. You will be one of the team members with the EYE OF DEATH be your action code.

kill fixed number of enemy units within limited time.

prevent fixed number of enemy units from approaching the assigned location within limited time.

use specified quantity of bullets kill the equivalent number of enemy units.

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