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F1 2011 GAME™ v1.0.12 IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

F1 2011 Game

F1 2011 Game™ for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:


Race against the world’s best drivers in all-new Grand Prix mode packed with all of the events, including Practice, Qualifying and Racing. Race on the actual circuits, recreated accurately down to the finest detail, making use of the Retina Display for stunning visual quality, or choose to compete against yourself in Time Trial mode.

F1 2011 features the premier Buddh International Circuit, which played host to the first ever FORMULA ONE GRAND PRIX OF INDIA, along with the legendary Nürburging, reintroduced in the 2011 season. Along with KERS functionality, we’ve also included all 19 tracks and 24 cars for the 2011 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON.
Featuring skilled AI opponents, Driving Aids, Pit Radios and various control mechanisms, F1 2011 delivers a realistic and enjoyable F1 experience.

Compete with your friends with full Game Centre and Open Feint integration and post your best finishes and lap-times with integrated Facebook functionality.

Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

For optimal performance, we recommend closing other applications and re-booting your device after downloading F1 2011 and playing your first race.

What’s New in Version 1.0.11

Great New Features:

* Caused Collision Warning when AI hits from back.
* Performance based team order of AI cars in qualifying.
* Effective KERS when pressed with full throttle.
* Driver’s Eye cockpit camera view is added.
* Difficulty options for Easy and Hard mode.
* Better speed:Gear ratio.

Bug Fix
* Retrieving game state while returning to the championship.
* Audio going out on long sleep key interupt.

What’s New in Version 1.0.12

Great New Features:
* Now Supports iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5
* Optimized build for iOS 6.

F1 2011 GAME For iOS Review:

F1 2011 is the official iOS game for the 2011 Formula one season, created by Indian developer, Jump Games.

The first thing you will notice when you fire your F1 2011, is the sleek menu design. The main menu’s design is based on a F1 steering wheel. By pressing the buttons on the wheel you can access different parts of the menu. The game has 2 different game modes; Time trail and Grand prix. At the time of writing, there is a third game mode on the menu, entitled, World Championship, but this is greyed out and just has ‘coming soon’ stamped across it.

Time trail and Grand prix mode lets you pick from any of the 24 drivers under the banners for each of the 12 teams. A nice little feature that you will see here, is that each driver has their own states next to them, which include date of birth, podiums, championships and highest race finish. This is not much information about each driver, but it’s a nice touch.

F1 2011 Game 1.0.5

After picking your driver you can now select the track you wish to race on. The game features all 19 tracks with their official grand prix layout from the 2011 season (the Bahrain track is not included in the game because it had be taken out of the 2011 season due to political unrest in the country). At the top of the track selector you will be able to see a map of the circuit, as well as a picture of the track, allowing you to make a better judgement over which track you are going to prefer to race around. The game lets you choose the number of laps that you will drive around the circuit (It is even possible to complete a 100% distance Grand prix). By pressing the info button you can also pull up some information about the track. Information given includes, full circuit name, number of laps in a full grand prix, circuit length, race distance and the lap record. Again none of this information needs to be included, but if you’re a F1 fan like me, then you will be glad to see this available.

There are multiple control layouts to choose from, but default layout has you tapping the right of the scene to accelerate and tapping the left of the scene to brake.  Steering is done by tilting the device. The main issue you will instantly see is the sensitivity of the steering. In the option menu this can be altered to fit your driving style, but no steering sensitivity will be perfect, sometimes it will be too sensitive round some corners, but then not sensitive enough around others. While a racing line can be turned on and off, it doesn’t show you when to brake by turning red like other racing lines in other games, this will take some time to get used to, as braking is now all about your judgement. There are 3 camera angles to choose from; the long shot that shows the whole car, the classic camera angle mounted just above the head of the driver and a camera angle mounted on the front of the car. It would have been nice to see an inclusion of the driver’s first person vision, like the one on real racing.  Brake assist and steering assist are turned on as default but can be turned off from the options menu.

F1 2011 Game Review

K.E.R.S .(kinetic energy recovery system) has been reintroduced back into the sport and has been made a game play feature in F1 2011. To activate KERS there is a button with a lightning symbol on the screen, press that, and your car will gain a boost. This is temperamental though, go to press it and it won’t always work, meaning that because you’re not accelerating, it can cause you to be overtaken. Unlike in the real sport, KERS cannot be used in practise and qualifying (or in time trial mode) which is a little disappointing. There is no car damage in F1 2011, and instead of destroying your car in a 200mph crash, instead you hit the barrier or an opponent with a bump, losing a lot of its realistic game play.

DRS (drag reduction system) was a controversial new feature on F1 cars for the 2011 season, this has not made the F1 2011 game which is a real shame. Pit stops are included in the game and require you to tap pit crew in number order to get them to do their jobs. The game also features some of the rules from the real sport, too much contact with other cars or cutting too many corners will cause you to be disqualified.

F1 2011 Game 1.0.5 ipa

The graphics for the tracks and cars look good, everything has been well replicated. However, I wouldn’t say that the graphics are better than other racing games available on the App Store. The audio for the cars is excellent, they have got the sound spot on for a F1 car, and you can even hear the gear changes. While racing you will also have a team boss talking to you, telling you how good or bad you are doing and where you need to improve.

I wouldn’t say this is the type of game you could sit down and play a few minutes here and there. To play this you really need a large chunk of free time, especially to start with, as its going to be very tough to get used to. With the 2012 Formula 1 season starting soon I hope the world championship update is sooner rather than later. While the game looks good, I do have some issues with the game play, especially with the sensitivity of the steering. There is also a lack of online functions which is a real shame as a multiplayer mode or online leader boards would have been a great addition. Overall I think F1 2011 is a definite improvement over F1 2010, however, I don’t think it is quite the daddy of racers yet.

F1 2011 GAME™  cracked IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

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