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Facebook iPad App to Launch at iOS 5 and iPhone 5 Event?

Mashable claims that Facebook is actually launching its long awaited iPad app at Apple’s rumored October 4th media even where the company is believed to be launching iOS 5 and the iPhone 5.

Facebook will launch its long-awaited iPad app at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4, Mashable has learned. In addition to the iPad app, Facebook is also expected to release a revamped version of its iPhone app and may unveil an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace.

The news comes after a report that a Facebook developer had quit with concerns that the iPad Facebook app may never launch.
According to Mashable, Facebook may also introduce a revamped iPhone app as well. There has been evidence in the past that the two companies would be working to integrate Facebook into iOS much as Apple has done with Twitter, but disagreements reportedly derailed the integration. Separately, we had received an unconfirmed tip that Facebook may actually be integrated with iOS 5, but we have been unable to corroborate that information.
Apple is expected to hold a media event on October 4th where the company will introduce the iPhone 5 and announce a release date for iOS 5.


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