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FaceTime new ad: Chat with Santa

Most kids look forward to Christmas is Santa Claus. However, if Santa Claus too busy, can not meet with every child, it may be how to do? This year, Santa Claus himself bought a iPhone 4, in the busy and can not take care of the children one by one FaceTime chat.

It turned out that Apple’s new iPhone 4 broadcast advertising. Advertising child hiding under the bedclothes with Santa FaceTime. In fact, FaceTime is hiding with his father to another room. In previous years and other children asleep dad could be secretly stuffed stockings to the children’s gifts, this year is different. Dad can Joe as Santa Claus, hiding in another room to chat with his son by FaceTime. Hush, do not tell children the truth, who have the heart to break the cozy picture of it.

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