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Facial recognition unlock for iPhone released

And it’s only for jailbroken devices with a front-camera. The $7 RecognizeMe by Apocolipse unlocks your phone by matching pre-recorded images of your face against the front camera feed. Simply holding the device in front of your face for a couple of seconds should automagically Unlock it. Check out a cool video demonstration below…

Granted, the RecognizeMe tweak is not a suitable replacement for the iOS passcode lock feature, Engadget has found out. Their feeling is that the program works as advertised, albeit with a lot of room for improvements in performance and facial recognition departments. You can set verification threshold in settings and use Face Trainer to improve accuracy. There are literally dozens and dozens head-turning tweaks for jailbroken iPhones but RecognizeMe is without any doubt one of the more original we’ve seen.

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