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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a question after reading this FAQ page, please send me an  email and describe/ specify your questions in your email.  Thanks!

Q: Why are you charging money for game hacks?

A: I am doing this not for money, it’s for fun! But hacking is a very hard work, I need to spend a lot of my time to making hacks.  And I need money to purchase apps and games, even devices (for testing hacks).  Moreover, our website host need a lot of money. We are not using $5/ month web host, such cheap and slow hosts cannot handle this large blog.  However, you should noticed that we are giving out a lot of free hacks as well.

Q: Why don’t you just teach us how to hack?

A: This is not a easy “job”. You need to know a lot of things to be able to hacking games(I am not talking about that super easy one).  You cannot learn them all in one day, one month even a year, unless you are a genius (If you are, then you don’t need me to teach you though).

Q: I paid you through Paypal but I can’t see links, what happen?

A: Your account will be activated between 3 minutes to 10 hours. Normally your account will be ready to use within 5 minutes in daytime (PST) or an hour.  It won’t be longer than 10 hours(I sleep 5-8 hours a day). If your account still not activated after 10 hours, then you can email me your username and Paypal transaction ID, I will look into it as soon as possible.

Q: My account is not working, but it was fine before, what should I do?

A: Sometimes, you just need to clear your web caches then it will working again. If it’s not, do check the expire date of your account. And make sure you have never shared your account to any others or sharing our content somewhere else, because those kind of activities will lead to banned from us.  Still getting problems? Email me your username and tell your problems. I will fix everything for you.

Q: I forgot / lost my username/ password, how can I get them back?

A: Simply head over to the this page > http://www.iplayplus.net/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword enter your username or email then our system will send you the password via email.  Didn’t get the email? Then send me an email with your Paypal transaction ID, I will help you out.

Q: I downloaded the hack file, follow the steps, but it doesn’t work

A: I tested all my hacks before I released on our site. Make sure you did follow all the steps. Don’t even try to skip one of them, do what I told you. And please read all my words in that post. Still doesn’t work? Leave comments on the same post you downloaded the hack, but please describe/ specify the problems you have, this way I can help you out quickly.

Q: I did all the steps, but the game crashing at start up

A: You stupidly skipped 2 steps!! Go ahead set permissions to 775/777 then reboot your device. Here is how to set permissions You have already did that but still crashing? Leave comments on that post, tell me which device you are using (iPhone 5,4S,4 …)

Q: I downloaded your GAMEVIL game hacks, but I cannot purchase anything in the shop

A: Go ahead and install iapfree 3.0.1 > http://www.iplayplus.net/iapfree

Q: I can’t find the download password

A: We posted all the download passwords in our VIP section. 1 month subscriber can find the password here, 4 months – lifetime VIPs can find the password here.

Q: The hack download link has been removed/deleted

A: Leave a comment and report broken link, I will repost the link as soon as possible.

Q: Can I use your hacks on my non-jailbreak devices?

A: It depends on which hack you are looking for. I post notes on every single article / hack that telling you whether it is  jailbreak required or not.

Q: What if my account expired, can I still using the hacks I downloaded from you?

A: Yes! Of course you can.

I will keep updating this page if there are more other questions came up! Can’t find the solution of your issues here? Send me an email with your username and the problems you are facing, I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you!