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Fast Paced Arcade Action Game

Bostorm has announced the release of Cascai 1.0, an arcade action Game for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The fast paced game challenges the player in several disciplines. Four different variants with four difficulty levels each. Fully integrated leaderboards and achievements provided by Apples Game Center. The player controls an animated rolling ball by tilting the device. The goal is to catch or evade the so-called Pucks, depending on the game variant. As easy as this sounds to explain the game – as difficult it can be to master this game and receive a high score.
The first level of all game variants is for an easy entry to the specific scenario. Higher levels introduce obstacles and enemies, which make it harder and much more challenging. Each attempt to win a level takes up to a couple of minutes to complete. Hence, it is an excellent product for casual gaming.

The game variant in detail:
The Eyes Only game variant contains Pucks that must be collected as fast as possible. Each Eye Puck is animated and can only be caught when the eye is open.
The Tag Game variant contains Star Pucks. Only four Pucks are highlighted at a time and only these can be caught. The Pucks tag other Pucks when they collide and hereby passing on the highlighting. So, the player must chase the active Pucks as fast as possible in order to get a high score.
The Offspring game variant is quite different. The player must never collide with any Puck. The game ends in case he does. Each time two different colored Pucks collide, they will produce offspring. This is the survival game and the longer the player stays alive, the higher the score.
The Numbers game variant is the last type. Here, the player needs to collect as many points as possible by catching the numbered Pucks. The game ends after 60 seconds and the accumulated points become the score. This game variant holds some surprises as well.
Feature Highlights:
* 4 Game variants, each with a unique gameplay
* 4 Levels in each game variant
* Leaderboards for all levels
* Higher levels are achievements, which will Unlock when lower levels have been mastered several times
* Fully animated objects
* Realistic behavior of the objects collision and movement. The game uses a physics engine for this
* Based on cocos2d for iPhone, also using Box2D
Pricing and Availability:
Cascai 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.
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