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Fieldrunners 2 – [Unlimited Coins + Money]

Update: Fieldrunners 2 1.1 hack unlimited coins and money

Fieldrunners 2 has just released on App store for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. Fieldrunners 2 is not yet on US App store, if you want to try it out now, you can grab a copy from here. In this post, I will teach you how to hack Fieldrunners 2 to get unlimited coins without jailbreaking your iDevice. Fieldrunners 2 hack to get unlimited icon tutorial – Simple.

How to get unlimited coins on Fieldrunners 2 without jailbreak:

1. Install & Run Fieldrunners 2. Play the Game and finished map 1. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Use iFunbox (or whatever you like) to sync the  file named ‘Player.usr’ from var/mobile/applications/xxxx/Documents/ to your PC/Mac

3. Open the file by using UltraEdit, you will see something like below:

4. Scroll down until you see the offset ” 0250h” > Where I just highlight  (00000250h)

5. Edit the value “6A 00 00 00” (Yours is different). In  8,9,a,b. Change to “FF E0 F5 05”  (0 here as zero)

6. Save the file then sync it back to var/mobile/applications/xxxx/Documents/

7. Overwrite existing file.

8. Enjoy  99,999,999 coins on Fieldrunners 2  brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.Net

How to hack Fieldrunners 2 to get unlimited coins and money:(Jailbreak)

1. Watch the video below see how fieldrunners 2 hack works:


2. Download fieldrunners 2 hack IPA from the link given below.

3. Install fieldrunners hack IPA on Jailbroken iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

4. Enjoy!!!


Download from here

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  1. im jailbroken and i want the link where he is…

  2. Hey James, if you don’t mind can you post the steps to hack unlimited “money” to build towers for Fieldrunners 2 for unjailbroken iPhone by editing the plist file or something via ifunbox? Appreciate u a thousand times!

  3. J8mesz, please help me hack the file. may I get your email?

  4. No link in the VIP download section? Joined but not there yet (I know may take 24 hours), I’m just too impatient.

  5. hi, i downloaded and installed the IPA via itunes, but it works just like the normal game and gives no extra money/coins
    can you help?

  6. hi the coins work gret but the money dont work ples helpme

  7. hi, i paid for the vip membership but I still cannot see the premium content. btw great work with the coin hack!!! I had to reinstall in order to get the hack to work and I’ve lost all my progress.

  8. It is crashing. I had the same amount of coins as J8 and found the hex before the 02. Yes it was on a diff line and I did change it accordingly. It was copied back but now it’s crashing and you cannot change the permissions without it being jail broken. The screen shot A.J. doesn’t even show the location of the folder he is clicking on. Too confusing for a novice user. But when you do try to change a permissions its calling for SSH.

  9. this hack works perfectly unbroken but the key is to find the right hex string. yours may not line up exactly with “0000250h” but instead find the “6A 00 00 00” string that precedes “02” like in the picture. use the ascii (text) on the right to hint at the right spot. replace the “6A 00 00 00” with the right text and you are good to go. thanks J8mesz!

    PS: if you are not starting from a brand new file, your Player.usr file will be VERY LONG and the right string will definitely not be on the 0000250h line. use ctrl+f to find the right spot by searching for the text (I searched for “enemy” until I got to enemy_bike_transport)

    • I was showing something wrong in my post. Everyone’s coin number is different, and as what you said, the offset will definitely not be on the 0250h. So the easiest way to find the right one is to search your coins number,says 106, then use calculator to input 106 then hit “hex”, 6A is the result that you want. The final step is to change 6A 00 00 00 to whatever you want, ex:
      FF E0 F5 05. Done. Good luck everybody!!

  10. J8mesz, could you somehow put up a video of the hack without jailbreak?

  11. i pay to be VIP member and money sent .. but i cant login ? why ?!

  12. Hi J8mesz i got an email saying am now subscribed to appleguider! Now you can share the Fieldrunners 2 unlimited coins and money please!!

  13. i waste 3 hours to do that step by step and after i end every thing … nothing happend !! :S
    what can i do ?? the game work ok but there’s no money increase ! its same…
    so ?? :S

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