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Fieldrunners 2 HD Hack Unlimited Coins

Finally, Fieldrunners 2 HD is here. And you should remember my Fieldrunners 2 hack for unlimited coins back on July. Now I am going to teach you how to hack Fieldrunners 2 HD step by step on your iPad to get unlimited coins. It’s very simple and easy just like Fieldrunners 2 hack.

How to hack Fieldrunners2 HD to get unlimited coins without jailbreak:

1. Install and run Fieldrunners 2 HD on your iPad.

2. Play the Game and finish the 1st map. Copy down the coins number your just gained.

3. Exit Game and close from multitask.

4. Connect your iPad to your computer. Use iFunbox copy a file named “Player.usr” from var/mobile/Applications/Fieldrunners2/Documents/ to your computer desktop.

5. Open the “Player.ser” file using UltarEdit.

6. Bring up the calculator from your computer. Enter the coins number you just copied down from step 2. (You will get 106 coins after finished map 1, but maybe different)

7. Switch “Dec” to “Hex”. You will get “6A”. (Depends on how many coins you have  )

8. Now go back to “Player.usr” file and search “6A000000”. (There should be only one)

9. Change “6A000000″ to ” FFE0F505″ . Seen below:

10. Save the file. Use iFunbox copy the file back to var/mobile/Applications/Fieldrunners2/Documents/

11. Overwrite existing file.

12. Done. Now you have 99,999,999 coins on Fieldrunners 2 HD. Note: This is not “Money” hack, you can’t do money hack on Fieldrunners 2 HD without jailbreak.

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  1. Sorry – it works (I did not close from multi-task earlier). Thanks Man!

  2. It doesn’t work. My coins are 106 and I have 2 strings of “6A000000”. I tried changing the one at the same location of your example, but my coins are still 106.

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